There is much more to being a Firefighter in the Northern Territory than putting out fires and rescuing kittens. As a small service of 200 career firefighters, with a large area of land to look after, the NTFRS offer an exciting and unique experience unlike other fire services in Australia.

Firefighting is largely about building relationships in the community.  The team strive to make a difference through community awareness and education on fire safety issues, hazard reduction, legislation compliance and many other areas.

Working as a Territory Firefighter demands physical and mental strength, persistence, compassion, maturity, a sense of service, and a sense of humour. Being part of the NTFRS is much more than a job; it’s a career.

Conditions of Service

Firefighters work on a rotational shift basis of two consecutive day shifts, followed by two consecutive night shifts, followed by four consecutive days off. The eight-day cycle then begins again.

  • Day Shift hours are: 0800 to 1800 hours (10 hours)
  • Night Shift hours are: 1800 to 0800 hours (14 hours)
  • Office-based positions work Monday to Friday 0800 to 1630 hours. 

Sick Leave

Each of our Firefighters are entitled to a total of 144 hours of sick leave per year. Medical Certificates are required for periods of personal leave exceeding 4 separate single day or night absences, or for periods of two or more consecutive shifts.

Recreation Leave

Rostered shift workers receive 312 hours of recreation leave per year. 90 hours of additional leisure leave is accumulated on an annual basis through industrial negotiation, as recompense for the impact of shift work on the work/life balance.

Long Service Leave

Long service leave is granted to firefighters after 10 years of continuous service, at a rate of four months for each 10 years’ service. This leave cannot be accessed until after 10 years of continuous service and then on a pro rata basis after the first ten years.

Relocating and Expenses

During the recruitment process, any travel expenses are borne by the applicant. If you are offered a position and need to be relocated, the NTFRS will assist in making arrangements for you and your family to be relocated to Darwin or Alice Springs.

With NTFRS there are opportunities to transfer to other regional stations within the Northern Territory. All members with the relevant qualifications are encouraged to apply to available positions.

Contact us for any other questions or enquires.