The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) run recruitment campaigns on an as-needed basis. Applicants for the NTFRS are required to display high standards of integrity, professionalism and maturity.

To apply for the NTFRS you will need to submit an application through the Employment Opportunities Online Website.

Initial applications are to be made by completing and submitting the online application form and supporting documentation.

You will need to include a:

  • criminal history check form
  • one page covering letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with all the necessary supporting documentation, e.g. drivers licence, first aid certificate and other qualifications.

If you do not attach all of the required documentation, your application will not be progressed.

The recruitment process consists of 6 stages. Each stage is designed to assess applicants’ suitability to undertake both the academic content of the recruit firefighter curriculum, and deal with the subsequent demands of the job.

Read about the 6 stages of the recruitment application process.

Yes, once a squad has been recruited the file is closed and all previous applicants are required to reapply.

NOTE: Written assessments remain valid for 12 months, if you sat your written assessment less than 12 months prior to making your new application, you should speak to the Recruitment Officer.

You are only permitted to submit one application in each recruitment campaign.  However, if you have been unsuccessful in previous campaigns you may apply again.

NTFRS can arrange for the written tests to be completed with an external agency in your current state. The Physical Fitness Assessment (Physical Aptitude Test (PAT)) and interviews are conducted in Darwin (and Alice) only.


No. However, there is an age restriction in relation to the Medium Rigid Licence. In the Northern Territory the minimum age to hold a Medium Rigid Licence is 19 years of age.

The NTFRS are aware that people make mistakes and all criminal history matters are assessed and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Some serious offences may mean applications will not progress.

To be employed as a permanent employee of the Northern Territory Government you need to be either an Australian citizen or have permanent residence status. Once you have either of these you are able to apply.

New Zealand citizens with a Special Category visa allowing them to remain and work in Australia indefinitely can apply.

No, the licence is not required at the time of submitting the initial application.  However, it is important to note that if your application is successful you will need to have your Manual Medium Rigid Licence at least 1 week prior to the course start date. If you do not have your MR Licence at that time your position will be forfeited and offered to another applicant.

Evidence will be required at interview to show that applicants have started the process of obtaining their Manual Medium Rigid Licence.

Yes, your certificate will need to be presented to the Recruitment Officer prior to the physical testing stage.  During the recruit course the NTFRS will provide extra emergency care training as part of our recruit course in order that participants become familiar with NTFRS procedures and equipment.

No. NTFRS is seeking to employ people who reflect the diverse culture and skills of the Northern Territory.

We are continually encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to apply with an aim to achieving a gender and cultural balance with the NTFRS.

Whilst you are completing the Recruit Firefighter Course you cannot undertake any form of part-time employment.  Once you have completed the recruit course, provided there is no conflict of interest and your priority is to your employment as a firefighter, you may apply for approval to have secondary employment.

There are levels of corrected sight and each case is assessed individually. Applicants are required to provide a report from their optometrist that will assist in assessing the application. Please refer to the AFAC Medical Guidelines.

You are still eligible to apply if you have completed a trade certificate or other tertiary or VET qualification.  If you have not completed the above but have completed at least 2 years of full time employment demonstrating your ability to acquire new skills, and have continued a reasonable amount of learning through your adult life, then your application will be considered.


The entire recruitment process takes approximately 6 months from the start of recruitment campaign to the recruit course. This can vary depending on public holidays etc.

The course start date will be announced when the advertising campaign commences.

All stages of the recruitment process are managed by NTFRS and you are not required to pay for any of the assessments.

Any travel and accommodation expenses incurred to attend these assessments however are to be met by the applicant.

Previous experience and qualifications in a Fire Service role may enhance the applicant’s performance during the selection stages but does not guarantee they will be more competitive or gain employment.

The Physical Fitness Assessment consists of both fitness testing and simulated on-the-job tasks. The complete physical assessment is outlined in the Recruit Firefighter Application Pack.


Yes. Recruits are paid from their commencement date with the NTFRS in accordance with the recruit firefighter award rate.

The Recruit Training Course takes place at the Darwin Fire Station, from Monday to Friday. The course runs for 17 weeks with hours varying according to the scheduled training.

The course comprises intensive practical and theoretical instruction.  Assignments and tests are used to assess recruits’ competency for each subject.  Recruits must attain the required standard for each subject.

Applicants for the NTFRS are required to display high standards of integrity, professionalism and maturity. The NTFRS has developed a staged selection process that maintains high standards of selection criteria.

Physically, you need to be fit and able to lift and safely manoeuvre 100kg.

You also need to be comfortable and capable of learning, work well under pressure, able to think on your feet and most importantly be committed to protecting your team and your community.

See the full guidelines in our Recruit Firefighter Application Pack.

Yes, there is a probationary period of 6 months.


In most cases you can. As long as there is not more than a 2 month break in service between the Defence and commencement with NTFRS. Upon commencement with NTFRS you will need to submit a request for recognition of that service.

Yes, but there are conditions on this type of entry into NTFRS. If you’re interested in learning more on transfers please contact our team for a chat.